Garage Doors

The garage door is an integral part of the design, architecture and security of your home. No matter what sort of garage style or house design you have, we have a solution either manual or electrically operated. We offer roller shutter doors, sectional garage doors, Up & over doors, Sliding gates, remote control operators and associated products. All our materials and equipment are manufacture in Europe. We offer the best value and quality garage doors.


Garage Door types


Roller Shutter doors: Constructed from 77mm foam filled aluminium slats with interlocking nylon end locks. The foam filled double skin insulated garage door offering smooth running robust alternative to other garage doors. Available with remote control via or manually operated. A variety of different colours are available from stock. White, Beige, Light grey, Green, Dark Wood and Cherry wood grain finish.




Constructed from extruded aluminium guide channel 64mm x 34mm powder coated. Preformed in one piece guides include 2 rubber strips for smooth shutter operation.


Optional Extras


Window slats add an elegant look to the door while permit light to enter in the garage. Alternatively a stainless steel mesh can be inserted for air circulation and prevents any insects from entering in.


Sectional Garage Doors


Our sectional garage doors have many benefits. Where limited drive space and headroom is a problem, a sectional garage door is the perfect choice as they open and shut vertically, allowing cars to be parked within mm off the door without impairing functionality. Sectional doors can be made to take up as much as only 125 mm of headroom. This leaves more height in the garage, making them a popular choice for 4x4s and high vehicles. All of our sectional garage doors are made from high quality reinforced panels made by Tecsedo of Switzerland.


Fixing Scheme


Reinforcement of the fixing of the hinges is provided by 35mm longitudinal steel strips positioned at the top and the bottom of the panel inner face. These steel reinforcements between the insulation core and the metal skin assure durable and long term fixing of intermediate hinges and roller carriers without the screws to penetrate through the metal sheets' folds inside the polyurethane foam.


Fingersafe Panels

The specific joint detail complies with European Safety Standard EN 12604


Up and Over Garage Doors

We provide traditional up and over garage doors that can be made from galvanized steel, timber or aluminium. Each of these materials has its own benefits: Our up and over doors are robust and give great value for money; our timber doors are well insulated and have an appealing look, These doors are extremely low in maintenance and very easy to operate.


Steel Door

To ensure maximum security for your garage, a steel door is the perfect choice. Our steel garage doors are made from heavy gauge and can be done in various configurations from swinging to folding or sliding and in various colours. As with all our products, every steel door is equipped with effective security features including a multi-point latching system and steel locking bars.